Why I switched from iWeb

For the last three years, I have maintained multiple websites with Apple’s iWeb. There are a lot of things about it that I truly love and will miss by moving our family site to a database driven site. iWeb has great widgets that interface well with the rest of the applications on my Mac. The problem with it is that the file is on my computer alone, which means it falls entirely upon me to update it, and if you follow my site, you can see how well THAT has worked over the last year. So now I have created this new site using something called WordPress. I’ll spare you all the super-geeky details, but basically, the advantage of this is that anyone in my family who can spell/type and access the internet can post something on our site. So David, Kelli and probably even Sophie can add content here. As a bonus, I can even write and post information from my precious iPhone. My hope is that this will enable me to keep the content more current on my website. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll move all of the entries from my old site – probably not, but that will still be available at the actual MobileMe address, web.me.com/claygirl76

2 thoughts on “Why I switched from iWeb

  1. Because not everyone is as cool as you and I are Stephen. 😉 I’ll have lots of geekery on the technology page once I have some time to actually write a bit. You know I absolutely LOVE to talk geek…almost as much as I love playing pranks.

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