Sturm Trek: The beginning

Day 1 consisted of picking me up at the airport on my return from Tampa then heading up to Omaha to check in to our hotel. The drive up was happily uneventful. SO, on to Day 2. We had decided to head to the Henry Doorly Zoo on our first full day, to make sure it didn’t somehow get missed. I woke up early, still being on East Coast time, and decided to work on building up some “good wife” points.

I got up and moving quickly, let David sleep in, and checked on the kids, who, not surprisingly, were already up, dressed, and ready to go. I decided more points were necessary, since I’d been gone for 4 days and left him alone with the children, so Daphne and I went to the little coffee bar in the hotel and got him a “caramelicious” latte.
Fast forward to the LONG line at the zoo – not surprisingly, Sophie saw someone she knew – an old friend from her first classroom at Raintree. *sigh* that kid finds friends anywhere she goes (of course, sometimes they’re friends she made 30 seconds ago…)
Inside the zoo, the first thing we did was the jungle exhibit. WOW was it incredible. You’re first greeted by several gibbons who are howling at one another. Actually, howling isn’t quite the right word – maybe more singing to each other – I thought it was kind of musical, sometimes a bit too forté, but still musical.

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The journey then continues with a very wobbly bridge that sways nicely as you walk across it to the next part of the jungle – more gibbons (different variety) and a stream with various small pools with things like fish and sea turtles, a couple of hippos, and Daphne’s favourite – Otters. Further into the jungle we saw some stingrays and some beautiful flowers and other varieties of plant life. At one point, we even saw a crocodile. It was really a great exhibit – wonderful starting point! After that, the butterfly house kind of paled in comparison, but the sculptures outside it were really nice.

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