Sturm Trek: Sky’s the limit

The Skyfari is a ten minute aerial ride over various zoo exhibits. It consists of 78 ski-lift style chairs which rise to 40 feet high, and travel about 3000 feet total at 200 feet per minute. Daphne, Kelli & David rode in one chair together and Sophie and I got to spend a delightful ten minutes together enjoying the ostrich, cheetah, rose gardens, monkeys, elephants, & rhinos, and some good conversation to boot! The one-way ride was $2.00 per person, far less than the train and MUCH more unique, I think – well worth the cost – highly recommended.

Once on the other side, we saw Sea Lions (and stopped to get some ice cream), then we moseyed across a bridge into the beautiful Garden of the Senses.  There were quite a few parrots out and about, and I managed to convince Daphne that I speak several dialects of bird – there was only one of the Parrots that I didn’t understand, but fortunately, he spoke english!  Whew!  There were also tons of varieties of flora there, which I would have investigated much more closely had I not had kids tugging on me.  Truly some of the most beautiful roses I’ve seen!

After that, we walked through the new Madagasgar exhibit, which has been hyped big time.  I’d heard it was incredible and was really excited.  First thing we saw were ring-tailed Lemurs, which are my favorite kind of Lemur.  Then we went into a building and saw some more Lemurs of a different variety.  Then there were the Lemurs that were Nocturnal, then another variety of Lemur…and oh, guess what we saw after that.  Another kind of Lemur!  We were all pretty Lemur-ed out by that time, so we gave up on the rest of Madagasgar and moved on.

So scorecard this far:

  • Jungle Exhibit A+
  • Skyfari A+
  • Garden of the Senses A+
  • Madagascar B-

But you don’t have to take my word for here, click below to hear Sophie talk about the Skyfari ride (and whatever else she rambles about.  I’m typing this before I’ve recorded her.  I’m actually a bit nervous)

Click here to listen to Sophie ramble about Skyfari (It’s just under a minute long)