Sturm Trek: Search for Whales

So after a long and hot day, we came to our last stop at the zoo.  What better way to ‘cool off’ then at the Scott Aquarium.  Now I know that Cindy and Kelli had been looking forward to this ALL DAY.  Why…because that is where the penguins are kept.  And we didn’t have to wait long.  Our first glimpse of the penguins was right outside the building.

It was feeding time for the little blue penguins.  Native to the warmer climates, the zoo displays these critters outside during the warmer months.  Daphne kept asking me what they were eating.  Then, of course, she wanted to know what a sardine was.  After  a few minutes, it was onward into the building itself.

Shortly after entering, Cindy and Kelli were in heaven again; this time being treated to then indoor display of Arctic penguins and puffins.  Daphne and Sophie were allowed to go into the ‘kids only’ area, which was right up against the glass so they could get nose-to-nose with these VERY active swimmers.  I liked watching them litterally launch themselves out of the water.

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The most memorable part of the aquarium for me, however, was the SHARK TUNNEL.  Thats right, I said SHARK.  We were treated to a walk through a 70′ long, oval-shaped, acrylic tunnel at the bottom of a 900,000 gallon saltwater tank.  Almost immediately, we were treated to a close-up encounter with our first shark….RIGHT ABOVE OUR HEADS!!!  Once we were able to stop looking at that shark, we noticed a whole lot more sharks in the tank.  I have to say, we all were quite WOW’ed by this.  Large fish, sharks, rays, and one REALLY BRAVE SEA TURTLE swam over our heads as everyone in the tunnel stood in awe.  Cindy caught some amazing footage too (which she has set to music):

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The last part of the exhibit was a really cool acrylic tube full of Jellyfish.  I don’t know about you, but I really like watching jellyfish swim.  It reminds me of when Cindy and I were scuba diving off the coast of Jamaica.  We didn’t run into anything as large as what is in the tank at the zoo (or as deadly), but it was still really cool.  We didn’t take any pictures (for fear of the glare), but I found a short video on Youtube that someone was able to shoot of the Jellyfish tank.  You can see it by clicking here.

All in all, it was a fabulous end to a fantastic day.