Camp Daisy Hindman

Last year, I took Sophie to the Mother-Daughter overnight at Camp Daisy Hindman, the same camp that I went to as a girl. This year, Daphne was old enough to go too. We arrived at 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon and immediately got checked in to the Juliette Lowe Unit. We walked up to top camp for the welcome and to sign up for activities. I ran into an old friend there, a girl named Lydia and her daughter Lily. Lydia used to work for George Fern, which is the company that NCECA uses for handling all of the exhibitors freight and such. For several years, Lydia and I missed actually meeting each other because one of us seemed to be pregnant or just had a baby at the time of the show, it had become a long-running joke until we finally met in Louisville. She lives about 20 minutes from me now, yet we never see each other, so it was a fun surprise to run into her there. After opening ceremonies up at the mess hall, we immediately went canoeing. I was a bit nervous because last year, Sophie had been excited for this, but got really scared once we were out on the water. Daphne is considerably braver than Sophie, but I was still worried we’d have a repeat. Sophie surprised me when she agreed to try canoeing again, and before long, the three of us were out on the water together. Daphne LOVED the canoeing, and even better, so did Sophie! We paddled all around Lake Odanata (which we referred to as Lake Mooey-Gooey when I was there) until they practically had to force us back to the dock. We then returned to our unit to make dinner – Taco Salad, YUM! We were split up for “Kapers” (Jobs) based on tent. Our tent was on cleanup, but they gave us the option to help with the cooking or firebuilding if we wanted to. My instinct was to go and be the pyro that I usually am, but as I walked toward the fire ring, I had a change of heart. It occurred to me that I wasn’t a leader here, and I didn’t have to do everything like I usually do. So, I sauntered over to the picnic table, sat down on the bench, laid back and watched the clouds float by above me. It was WONDERFUL. After dinner, we walked back up to top camp for a counselor hunt, which was a lot of fun. The counselors hid all over and we had to find them and have them sign our scavenger hunt sheet, then they announced how much each counselor was worth in points (some of them were even negative points!) As the sun went down, we headed back down the hill to the lake for a campfire and some singing. I ended up being called to the front with the camp counselors to lead a few songs, including “Way down in the Valley,” which is the Camp Daisy theme song.

We had a lot of storms that night, and really loud thunder woke me several times.  I was certain that I would have at least one of the kids up and in my bed with me, but they both slept through it.  It was still raining when we woke the next morning, but the clouds started to move off by the time we walked up to the mess hall for the flag ceremony and breakfast.  Sophie and Daphne both participated in the flag ceremony, Daphne as a member of the colour guard and Sophie as the caller (she was excited to have a job that REQUIRED her to be loud!).  After breakfast, we hooked up with Lydia and Lily and tie-dyed our own personal bags, which was a lot of fun.  Then we went down to Sleepy Hollow unit to make bug jars (Lily and Lydia had done this yesterday, but their jars needed a bit of repair, so they came with us for that).  At about 10:30, it was time for Lydia and Lily to go canoeing.  Sophie and Daphne wanted to go again.  Fortunately, some of the less-resilient mothers and daughters weren’t able to fair the storm as well as we did, and they had already left, so there was room for us to go again.  By the time we were done canoeing for the second time, it was time for lunch.  We then packed up all of our stuff and went on a hike up past Juliette Lowe unit to find a beautiful field of wildflowers.  I then went up to the top of the hill to get the car and gave the kids some time to explore on their own.  Upon my return, Daphne asked if we could stay a little longer for the closing ceremonies because all the counselors were going to announce their real names.  So we drove the car back to the top of the hill and walked down to the mess hall for the closing flag ceremony and all-important announcement of real names.  We didn’t end up leaving camp until about 4:30pm on Sunday, and by the time we got home at 5:30pm, I was ready for running water and a nice refreshing shower.  More pics from the weekend (including some funny and slightly embarrassing ones of me) are below click on the thumbnail to view the full image: