The Reviews are in – The Bullfrog was AWESOME!

I left Bracker’s early to go see Kelli’s show, “Honk!” (David and the kids had gone on Friday night while I had been stuck in the Indianapolis Airport with flight delays.) It was a really fun show, but Kelli as the bullfrog was definitely the highlight. I know, I know, as a Mom of COURSE I’m going to think my kid was the best, but she truly was. The other kids all needed mics to be heard, but not Kelli – that’s my kid – LOUD! But moreover, she was just plain fun to watch on stage. It’s like she was born there. Some of the other kids looked anywhere from mildly nervous to downright terrified of singing on stage. Most of them stood center stage, as if they were glued to that spot for the entirety of the song, and their arms were similarly glued to their sides. Kelli moved very naturally, was readily audible, sang well on-pitch and with good tone quality pretty much all of the time. AND, she often was dancing while singing – no problem! She was having a ball, and thus, so were the rest of the kids on stage and the audience too. I honestly was so impressed that I cried. I was so proud of her. I did videotape her performance on my iphone. The quality isn’t great and doesn’t really do her justice, but you can click to watch it at the top right of any page, right where you see the section “featured video”. Enjoy!