8 wonderful years

David and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on Tuesday, June 22.  Mom agreed to watch the kids so that we could go out for dinner.  Usually, Dave and I go to Paisano’s for our anniversary dinner, which was where we ate the night he proposed.  However, since David has completely mastered their stuffed mushrooms (a favorite of both of ours), we decided that maybe we should try a new place.  We looked at a variety of restaurants and decided on Ten Restaurant in Lawrence’s historic Eldridge Hotel.  I made the reservation online and put a note that it was our anniversary.

When we arrived, the host wished us a happy anniversary and showed us right to our table, which was a beautiful booth right next to the window, so we could look out on Massachusetts street.  We ordered some drinks to start.  I got the most delicious Chocolate Raspberry Martini – it was so smooth!  David got some blue, rum-based drink that I don’t remember the name of.  We selected an appetizer of the evening’s special of pan-seared crab cakes with a spicy Remoulade sauce.

It was SO delicious, and we were really pleased that the appetizer was actually appetizer-sized, rather than meal-sized like you get at a lot of restaurants these days.  One of the things that David and I had noticed when on our honeymoon in Jamaica was that the food was appropriately portioned, so you could actually order an appetizer, finish your meal and still have room for dessert.  Ten at the Eldridge seems to have figured this out!  David saw that they had a five onion soup gratinée with Parmesan Crouton and gruyere cheese.  He absolutely loves French Onion Soup, so we decided to get that as well.  We were not disappointed.  It was perfection in a bowl.  For our main entreé, we both selected seafood – David got the Vanilla Poached Sea Bass with Lemon Risotto and Saffron Broth and I chose the Pan Seared Walleye with Crispy Pasta and Mozzarella Cake and Lemon Pesto Sauce.

I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but it was absolutely delicious.  I think David almost cried when he tasted the saffron sauce.  The host had come by our table earlier in the evening and informed us that after our meal the server would be bringing out a dessert tray and that we were to select whatever we like off of it, and that it was their anniversary present to us!  Wow!  I got this awesome-looking chocolate thing – it was essentially a two round shortcakes with berries layered between, all enclosed in a dark chocolate shell.  David got some non-chocolate thing that he said was fabulous.  It was actually so good that I forgot all about taking pictures and just dug in.  By the time I remembered, David was done with his, and I was about half finished.  So the picture doesn’t really do the artistic-ness of the dessert justice, but it was, truly decadent (yeah, you thought I was going to say delicious, didn’t you!!!)  The whole evening was perfect.  I think we’ve found a new restaurant for our anniversary for the next several years.