Confessions of an over-extended entreprenuer

I never intended to become an entreprenuer, in fact, I’m not sure I actually am.  I seem to just have this knack for being in the right place at the right time when an opportunity presents itself, coupled with an inability to say “No, I’m too busy to do that.”  Interesting (and perhaps dangerous) skills to have, I think…

So, because of these rare gifts, I find myself in the position of owning a Mac Store, a chunk of a Ceramic Supply Business, and a part of a plumbing business.  Additionally, I was recently elected to a three-year term as Director-at-Large of a national ceramics organization, I am a girl scout troop leader and I have 2 daughters, a teenage stepdaughter and a husband (with all of their schedules and activities).  That’s a lot to manage, and I wouldn’t be able to do it all without organization and technology.

But shortly before the break, I was having a conversation with a long-time client of my mac store and good friend.   His kids are older than mine, and like me, he tends to be pretty busy.  He and I had been discussing various apple software & hardware and how to best implement them to achieve a specific solution for a couple of weeks.  During this conversation, it occurred to me that my own current setup works for now, (barely), but as my kids get older and my businesses grow and become more complex, it will be insufficient.  I need to be more organized, more efficient and more streamlined.  Mission impossible?  Nonsense.

Mission: iHome.

A friend of mine from my ceramics life gave me the nickname of  “iCindy” and though I resisted, refuted and rejected it for a while, I’ve now decided to embrace, espouse, and exploit it, because iCindy knows that technology holds the key to managing all of my current obligations, while also being nimble enough to adapt to new and currently unknown future challenges.  Apple makes incredible hardware which, when implemented properly and with the right software, can create solutions to simplify, coordinate, organize, and improve my household.  As I implement this in my house, I’ll be blogging about it on both the iCafe site and my personal site.  Follow along and watch my progress as I complete my transformation into iCindy.

This drawing was made by a customer of my clay company which also became a customer of iCafe when they decided to go Mac. It's terribly accurate!