It’s Alive!!! (part 4 of Mission: iHome)

Now that I’ve conceptualized, organized, & digitized, it’s time to put myself into a box. Enter the MacMini Server. What? A Server? Isn’t that something that they use in business? Sure, but it can do lots of wonderful things at home too. Over the next few months, I’ll be writing about various built-in features of Apple’s Server Software that will help my household run more smoothly, from calendaring to shared address books to podcasting to centralized storage and file sharing, to wikis to accessibility. Apple’s server software makes it pretty easy to set up and manage each service, and before long, your home has its own brain.

  • your son can request to use the car friday night with iCal
  • Your high school daughter can collaborate with her classmates on a project using wiki services
  • you can have your own email address, so you’re not bound to any internet service provider…you move, and your email moves with you!
  • you can look up the phone number of the parents of your daughter’s boyfriend when she misses curfew with Address book server
  • you can host your very own website right out of your home
  • create a regular podcast of important events in your life to share with family near and far with podcast producer
  • connect back to your home network from your iphone or ipad anywhere you are with Mobile Access

Keep tuning in for specifics on each of these features and much more!