Sophie’s Valentine’s Day Box

Last year when Valentine’s Day rolled around, we sent Sophie to the basement with Kelli to make her valentine’s day box.  It was nice – Kelli had suggested covering the whole thing in foil to make it shiny, then they glued hearts and stuff to it.  It was a nice basic v-day box.  We found out when we picked up Sophie that in the lower elementary at Raintree, Valentine’s Day boxes are a serious undertaking.  I saw actual mailboxes, birdhouse looking things, robots…all kinds of cool stuff.

So, this year, we got serious.  Since I’m not the creative one in the family, I put David in charge.  Sophie brainstormed and decided she wanted her valentine’s box to be a bed.  So the plans began this past week, and construction happened over the last two days.  I was brought in to assist with the canopy, decorating and finishing touches, but otherwise, it was a great father-daughter project.

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