Sturm Wars: A New Hope (2011 Vacation)

Not so long ago in a galaxy not so far away at all, it is a period of civil war….wait, let’s HOPE that’s not the case.  We’re HOPING for no wars, civil or otherwise this trip!  So far, so good.  As day 1 comes to a close, David and I reflect upon the journey thus far.  We’re about 300 miles from home.  We left Lawrence right about 9am, had a wonderful stop in Independence Missouri to see the new 323 Clay Studio.  The artists there have really done some incredible work.  The place looks fantastic, and it was really good to see so many people come out for the grand opening!  I even got to talk a bit of geek with the studio director, Kim Walsh, and of course I got to see my good friend Cindy Buehler of Cinderelish Pottery.  (When Sophie met her, she looked at her and said “you’re pretty!!!!”  it was absolutely adorable!)  I think the kids would have been happy to stay there all day (or as long as the M&M supply lasted!) but after about an hour we needed to get back on the road.

We arrived in St. Louis at 3:00, checked in and then headed down to the St. Louis City Garden.  The kids had a blast spashing around in the fountains, (& getting wetter than we wanted them too).  David and I enjoyed looking at the sculptures in the gardens, including one that appears to be a twin to a sculpture in front of the KU Law building in Lawrence.  We were just about to leave, driven off by the oppressive heat, when I was distracted by the sounds of music.  What I first thought was a windchime, I soon found to be foot activated keyboard of sorts:  Click here to watch the short video.  Gives me a whole new appreciation for aleatoric music.  🙂

Then it was off to the St. Louis City Museum.  I don’t even think I could begin to describe how cool this place is (ok, actually, it wasn’t all that cool…because so many of the tunnels and passageways actually go outside the building, the air conditioning was a bit lacking, especially in triple digit heat!)  We had fun climbing all over it, slithering through tight cave passages, sliding down a 10 story slide, watching a fantastic magic show and eating a surprisingly delicious dinner.  Bonus?  David and I even got to jump into a ball pit, just like when we were little.    (David says it was a lot like training in Dagobah, and just as hot, but no R-2 Unit….oh well)  Pictures are below, a mish mash of pics taken by David, Sophie and myself.  Click on any thumbnail to view it larger.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode of Sturm Wars.  (cue John Williams music)

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