Meet me in St. Louie, Louie….

Sunday, July 24th, we all woke up fairly early, excited to get the day started.  In fact, we even had time to go to the lobby and have breakfast (NOTE: I LOVE Staybridge Suites for vacations.  They actually have 2 bedroom suites available for families.  Makes so much sense to me –  it’s actually less expensive than two rooms in a Holiday inn or Days inn type place, and there’s even a nice living room area, kitchenette, etc.  The kids have a room with two double or sometimes queen beds, and David and I have a room with one King bed.  Plus, we have a refrigerator, microwave, even an oven and stovetop…they even include dishes there!  Laundry is also complementary, just bring your own detergent or buy it at the Convenience store on site.  And, as I was just about to say – Breakfast is included too, and a pretty nice one!  HIGHLY recommend).  So after breakfast, we drove about 20 minutes to Grant’s Farm, which is owned by Budweiser.  It’s actually free to get in to, but there is an $11 per vehicle parking charge.  Once there, you can get on a nice little tram that takes you through the entire property where you get to see lots of animals and then you stop up by the baby goat pen.  For a buck you can buy a bottle of milk to feed them, and let me tell you, those goats are ALWAYS hungry.  AND, they will eat (or try to eat) just about anything, including Sophie’s skirt, my shoelaces, and um, the last time I was there, (which was about age 2), apparently, my diaper….a story my mom LOVES to tell, a story which I will spare you all from hearing.  (Chances are only my family is reading this anyway, and Y’all already know the story)

So after wandering around for a bit, we wandered up to the Bauernhof and got some Bratwurst for lunch.  SUPER tasty!  AND, David was quite pleased to find out that anyone over 21 gets a couple of free beer samples.  He actually found one that he really likes, something called Shocktop.  I guess it’s a Belgian Quad-style something or other.  I don’t know.  I don’t drink beer….(blech).  We then bought some memorabilia crap from the gift shop (including three of those “punch ball” things, one of which is already dead), flattened a penny (yes, we collect those), and headed back to the parking lot.  But we weren’t quite done yet. On the other side of the parking lot was the thing that David and I were actually most interested in seeing – the Clydesdales.  They are truly magnificent.

Then we hopped back in the car and were on our way to the St. Louis Arch.  Little tip – if you’re going, buy your tickets online in advance, and you get free parking.  🙂  We had to go through near-airport security since it’s a national monument, and after that, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait, but it was fun to go up to the top and look down.  I pointed out to Daphne that the rip cord flying experience we’d done at Worlds of Fun was about a third  of the height of the Arch.  She thinks it would be fun to fly through the arch.  (I agree…that would be awesome…!)

We hit the road leaving St. Louis a bit later than planned, but it’s only 4 1/2 hours to our next stop, where there’s another Staybridge Suites waiting for us.  🙂

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