It can’t be Nashville every night…

Our fourth day of vacation started out with breakfast at the Staybridge Suites, then on toward Bowling Green, KY.  Why Bowling Green?  Mammoth Cave, of course!  When I originally planned this vacation, I had not included Mammoth Cave, but when I was looking at the map from Louisville to Nashville, and realized that the world’s longest cave was about 10 minutes off the path…well, we couldn’t turn THAT down!!!  So, we added it.  Mammoth is interesting compared to other caves we’ve visited.  It was cut by an underwater river, not formed by carbonic acid, so no stalactites or stalagmites.  But there was something totally new, gypsum flowers, which are really pretty white secretions coming out of the ceiling and sort of swirling and creating roses or curlicues or whatnot.  Of course, it’s always difficult to take pictures in a cave, but as always, I tried.

We did the snowball tour at Mammoth.  I was a bit overwhelmed when I looked online.  Most caves we’ve visited have one or two tours, this one has about a dozen.  I thought the snowball tour looked kinda neat because you get to eat lunch in the dining room that they converted….the “snowball room”.  So it’s a 3 hour tour in total, 366 total stairs and about 2 miles.  My favourite part was a point of natural resonance.  You could stand there and sing, and just hear at least up to the 12th overtone.  It was spectacular.  I could have stayed there all day….except for Sophie…gosh was she driving us all nuts, question after question after question!  But you gotta love her enthusiasm.  AND, the bonus to the cave was that it tired the kids out and the little ones passed out in the car, giving David and I some much needed quiet time.  (What’s that?  “What about Kelli” you ask?  Please, she’s 13 almost 14, she was quite happy to plug in her ipod, listen to tunes and pretend none of us existed.)

From Mammoth Cave, it was just a bit over an hour to Nashville.  We stopped by MidSouth Ceramic Supply in hopes of surprising Tami and Danielle.  Unfortunately, my timing stinks.  They had been up really late the night before firing a kiln, so they had the day off.  Their staff gave us a quick tour though, and then we headed up to our hotel for the night, the Music City Sheraton, which was absolutely LOVELY.  The girls were THRILLED that there were not one but TWO pools, and the indoor one is open all night!  We let them stay up until about ten, then after getting them into their pajamas, David and I informed Kelli that she was going to be in charge for a bit, then he and I headed down to the bar for a much needed drink.  I sampled two tennessee wines, a white and a red, both of which, i must confess, were absolutely foul.  So instead, i ordered….wait for it, a velvet elvis….yeah.  that’s right, and it was tasty!  But, being adults, David and I knew we had a big day of driving coming up ahead of us, so we called it a night pretty early.  And I have to add, the beds at the Sheraton are SO comfortable, I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!

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