What the heck is Pinterest?

I’ve fallen in love with Pinterest.  I can find just about anything I need there, and I really don’t know what I did before Pinterest existed.  As I type this, I’m heating up a snack of some leftover Spinach Parmesan Quinoa, a recipe I found on Pinterest. “But Cindy, what exactly IS pinterest?”  It’s basically […]

Balancing Boxing with Ballet

I love going to Title to feel fierce.  But it’s also nice to feel graceful and beautiful too.  So for that, I take ballet at the Lawrence Arts Center.  I took Ballet as a child at the Lawrence School of Ballet and loved it.  Sometime in Junior High, I discovered boys.  Well, I’m sure I […]

Happy Anniversary to me….not the diamond ring kind, the BOXING ring!

January 12 marked the one year anniversary of my first visit to Title Boxing Club in Lawrence.  I had driven by the place a few times and always thought it would be interesting to try.  So, when it was so icy outside (it was that ONE cold snap we had last year) that I couldn’t […]