What the heck is Pinterest?

I’ve fallen in love with Pinterest.  I can find just about anything I need there, and I really don’t know what I did before Pinterest existed.  As I type this, I’m heating up a snack of some leftover Spinach Parmesan Quinoa, a recipe I found on Pinterest.

One of my favorite meems - it really does explain the various social media services pretty well

One of my favorite meems – it really does explain the various social media services.

“But Cindy, what exactly IS pinterest?”  It’s basically a collection of cyber bulletin boards organized by type and fully indexed.  At the left, you’ll find one of my favourite meems, “social media explained”, which uses a donut as the topic and then relates all the services to the donut.  When you utilize pinterest, you are called a “pinner”, and as a “pinner,” you have your own boards to which you can pin things.  You can find these things by looking at other people’s boards, either friends of yours that you “follow”, or random strangers that have pinned things in a category you are exploring.  If you find something on someone else’s board that you like, you can re-pin it to one of your own boards for easy finding later.  I have 15 boards right now.  Here’s a quick peek at the list of my boards and their cover images:

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 3.53.01 PMIn each of these boards, there are anywhere from 4 to 40 things pinned.  My most frequently pinned to boards are the recipes, fitness & Ceramics/Pottery boards.  Back to my quinoa crisis.  My family really wanted me to make quiche, but they didn’t want the quinoa salad that I usually make to accompany it.  So I needed something new.  I turned to pinterest.  In the search, I typed in “quinoa recipes” and found a whole bunch.  I picked one that looked tasty and clicked on the pin.  It opened up to a website called Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish.  It was a blog entry, (much like this one), containing a delightful story of how she found the recipe and of course, the important words “It turned out to be very tasty and it was a snap to make.”  Love that.  Made it for dinner last night, and even my very picky 9 year old ate it.

280700989244917733_ggQ2Jrt8_cLast December, my kids approached me about gifts for their teachers. (Because ALLLLL their friends are giving heir teachers gifts)  They wanted to give them something handmade.  (highly approve of that).  Of course they tell me this on the morning of the next to the last day for the semester.  *sigh*.  Good thing I had already pinned a really cool craft project on how to make awesome three dimensional snowflakes!  I gave it a quick test drive at work that day and decided it was kid-doable.  I had some leftover paper from a wreath I’d made (also from instructions found on Pinterest), so I showed my kids how to do one, and then turned them loose.

At home, I’ve been planning a firepit/patio area in my head for sometime.  I’ve been trying to explain my vision rather unsuccessfully.  Once again, pinterest to the rescue!  I found lots of pictures of backyard fire pits, and a few of them are even “DIY” projects with complete instructions.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to pinterest.com, sign up and start following some friends and finding cool things.  One of my most recently repinned pins is a recipe for making chalkboard paint in any colour you want. Go find it.  Repin.  Awesome.  Now you’re an expert.  Pin away!  (Should you find that you need a little extra assistance, pinterest has a really great help section full of FAQ located here)

Still not convinced?  Let me show you the fabulous categories pinterest has for you to browse in:




Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.50.26 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.50.39 PM



Happy Pinning!  (You can find ME at http://pinterest.com/claygirl76/)