a healthy heartfelt valentine….

I’ve made a few batches of these “breakfast cookies” now, and I thought I’d share my recipe.  Even my kids don’t know they’re “healthy,” They used to LOVE the quaker oatmeal “breakfast cookies”.  When I found a recipe for a similar but homemade option on pinterest, I gave it a shot. IMG_7528 My husband SWEARS they taste just like “no-bake cookies” (one of his favourite cookies…and they are FAR from healthy).  Each time I’ve made a batch, I’ve modified it slightly, and honestly, I don’t really measure the ingredients.  I generally just eyeball it, but for this most recent batch (and accompanying blog article), I decided to get an accurate accounting of the recipe and its nutritional details, so here they are.  —>

I love that I can still give my kids a cookie, but with no preservatives, no refined sugar, a and low sodium not to mention adding an nice percent of potassium and protein.  The recipe is really quite simple too, and, since they don’t move much during baking, you can fairly easily form them into shapes, like these hearts that I did for Feb 14. (Normally, I just let them be circles or even amoeba shapes)