A Home Run!

On Memorial day, Daphne, Sophie and I all participated in the first annual Lawrence Home Run to benefit the Lawrence Community Shelter and Lawrence Family Promise.  It was cloudy and overcast that morning, but upon checking the weather, we weren’t supposed to get rain until after 1pm.  IMG_8439However, it seems that the weather channel did not inform the actual skies of this fact.   Upon arrival, the skies were looking pretty dark, with lots of low clouds.  Not exactly ideal running conditions, but I’ve run in worse.  It was also plenty windy.  Before the race, they informed us that if there was lightening prior to the start, they’d have to cancel the race.  (boo!)  And then, if we saw some while we were on the course, runners were to take shelter and they would be sending vans around to pick people up.  (Yeah, that was gonna happen…I’d have just kept running, and I’ll be a bunch of other people would too!  After all, runners are a bit crazy).  We actually started the race a bit early…now that’s a first for me for sure.  I wasn’t even a quarter of a mile from the start when I felt the first raindrop hit.  The sprinkles continued until about the first mile mark, and then it picked up a little more.  Gentle showers until around mile 2, and then I really started to worry about my phone…oh, and of course, my kids.  I’d (surprisingly) lost Daphne within the first half mile or so, and Sophie was planning to walk, so she was in the back from the beginning.  And my shoes were squishing with each step.  Up to that point, it had been a really delightful run, and my pace was pretty solid at 8:20 average.  Then the skies were really opening up.  It wasn’t a torrential, but definitely a solid downpour, and it took my pace down by nearly a minute to 9:14.  It was difficult to avoid running through puddles…felt more like swimming a 5K and I was completely drenched.  Finally, I had the finish line in my sights, and despite the squishy shoes, extra water weight (literally), and fatigue, I managed to kick back up to race pace for the last quarter mile and finish at a strong 8:08 pace, for an overall of about 8:40…respectable for in the rain (and not a lot of training lately). After getting my chip clipped and passing off the phone to Dave to hold in his pocket, I went back for Daphne.  She was similarly drowned-rat-looking, but not too far behind me.  I joined up next to her and ran with her until she got close to the finish and then peeled off to watch her sprint in.  Then she and I both repeated this maneuver for Sophie, who we were surprised to see was jogging!IMG_8506 As it turns out, Sophie indicated she had run about half of it!  Both girls earned medals in their age group.  Daphne took first in the 8 & under category, and Sophie got 3rd in the girls 9-12 division!  (Cindy was 5th in her age group…no medals for that, but Cindy was happy to have finished ahead of her speed-demon daughter once again.)