Our 2013 Vacation: The Prelude

Once again it is time for our annual family vacation/road trip.  Oddly, this just so happens to coincide with the time that this blog’s activity skyrockets….I wonder if there’s a correlation there.  For those that are interested, this year’s trip is a loop to the south.  It’s always interesting for me to try to explain our family vacations to people.  I get asked “where are you going”  And i try to respond with “well, it’s really kind of a road trip.”  Yet people still want to know what our destination is.  I guess most vacations involve picking a place, finding a hotel, going there and then maybe doing some excursions within that city or region.  We don’t pick a place.  We pick like 5.  So each night, we stay somewhere different, see the best of that area, and then move on.  Usually there’s one city that we might spend 2 nights in, but generally, our vacation is totally nomadic….consume and move on.  We’ve gone West (looped out to Colorado), Northwest (Looped out to South Dakota), East (out to Tennessee and Kentucky).  This year we head South.  Some of the highlights to watch for will be Tigers & Treehouses, Riverboats, & Rafting, Seafood, & Space Centers, A canopy adventure course with a zipline, and of course a Cave tour, but that is not all, oh no, that is not all!  Stay tuned for the roadside report, starting June 5th!