Galveston…Gaido’s…Gulf…need I say more?

If you recall from our last episode, as we left Johnson, tragedy had just struck….Sophie was distraught about losing her NASA souvenirs, and I was heartbroken for her, but we drove….and I silently hoped that Galveston would heal all wounds.  It was about 2:00pm, and  we were hungry, so we decided to go to Gaido’s […]

Houston, We have a problem….

David and I awoke this morning as 8 & 12 year old children. We were both giddy about seeing Johnson Space Center. I’d been there as a kid with Mom and Dad, but the closest Dave has been to such an experience is the cosmosphere in Hutchinson. First, though, we had a delicious breakfast at […]

Goodbye Seguin, Hello Houston!

Sadly, our time in Seguin had to come to an end.  The girls were as sad as I was.  They so enjoyed meeting their cousins and spending time with Uncle Bobby & Aunt Susan.  As promised, Bobby took all three girls to the nearest Pic-N-Pac (That’s the brand of convenience stores that my grandfather started […]

underground and up in the air

This morning we had to get up sort of early, despite the late night, because we had an appointment for a cave tour at Natural Bridge Caverns.  We like to do a cave or cavern tour each year on vacation, but this one was a bit unique.  It is the first cavern we’ve ever visited […]

Seguin….El Ranchito…YUMMM!

Our third day began for me with a beautiful run in the State Park.  It felt great to stretch my legs a little before what I knew would be our longest day of driving.  After returning and motivating the family, we were packed up and heading out right about 9am.  We got back on 35 […]