…where the wind comes sweeping down the plain

Our first day began with rain and a 5 hour drive southwest,

but as we crossed into Oklahoma, the sun was peeking out.

2 more hours south and there we were, in Oklahoma City, headed for our first stop, celebration station, which is a family fun center, and not a moment too soon.  The natives were getting restless in the car.

We started with 18 holes of mini golf (David won, and Sophie took second!), followed by a round of arcade games (I got the most tickets, thanks to some awesome basketball shooting skills)  Then came the bumper boats.  We ALL got drenched.  Another round of arcade games was necessary to dry off a little before eating dinner.   We decided to complete our “Family Fun” by pooling ALL of our tickets and picking out something all together from the prizes.  We ended up getting a few things.  As we sat waiting for dinner, we put together the “box o’ bones”.  We decided to name our skeleton “Sally”, and after dinner, we gave her a special place of honor at the front of the car.

We then drove about 45 minutes to Tuttle, OK, to where we would be staying for the night; a place called Tiger Safari.  It’s a privately owned and operated zoo and it is absolutely amazing!  We’re actually sleeping up in a platform treehouse, with a view of the entire grounds, and sounds of glorious intermittent roars of Tigers and Lions.  Tomorrow we will get a VIP tour of the place and even get to feed some baby tigers.  More on this tomorrow, for now, here’s the view we had:





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