Tyger, Tyger burning bright…

Day 2 began pretty much at sunrise. We awoke to the delightful sounds of nature, and the less delightful sounds of the teen complaining about the nature. Our night in the tree house at Tiger Safari had been an amazing experience, that I would never trade for yet another hotel room. They do have an African safari hut there too, which is what I had originally wanted, but it was sold out by the time I called to make the reservation. In retrospect, I’m glad that it was. This was amazing. We then got our tour.

Bill, the owner, is a fireman and does this in his off-duty time.  The Tiger Cub seen at the end of the video above was actually born during the recent storms.  The mother buried the cub in some hay to keep it safe, but it also had the unfortunate side effect of opening it up to possible disease.  So, Bill has been taking a temporary leave from the Fire Department so that he can feed the cub every two hours.  His love for these animals is so apparent in everything he does, and he takes great joy in sharing this experience with all the visitors to this amazing place.  STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!!

After getting our fill of wild animals, we hopped back to the car and headed down the road to Turner Falls Park.  Unfortunately, due to the recent storms, the park was closed.  We were able to go up to the scenic overlook and catch some beautiful views:

Since our pre-planned itinerary included staying at a cabin in Turner Falls, we had to figure something else out.  We did a bit of googlings, some calling and ended up getting a great deal on a small cabin in Lake Murray, which turned out to be quite a find!
IMG_0140They had a great swimming pool, canoeing, trails, outdoor grills, and the staff were really friendly.  We checked in, and then went right out onto the water.  Dave and Kelli opted for a two-person Kayak, while Sophie, Daphne and I shared a Canoe.  Then we swam for a while, and finished the evening with brats grilled outside.  It was a real unexpected find!  I’m sure we will return.