Seguin….El Ranchito…YUMMM!

Our third day began for me with a beautiful run in the State Park.  It felt great to stretch my legs a little before what I knew would be our longest day of driving.  After returning and motivating the family, we were packed up and heading out right about 9am.  We got back on 35 South and in about 20 minutes, we were in the great state of Texas:

But that was only the beginning, because Texas is a pretty big state.  I don’t know how my parents managed it with my sister and me doing this entire drive in one day, especially in the days before iPads and Nintendo DS.  It can make you go a little wacko, but we find ways of entertaining ourselves:

A few hours later though, we finally saw this:

IMG_8817We had promised the kids lunch at my favourite restaurant of El Ranchito, But, as late as it was, and not wanting to spoil the fabulous dinner that my Aunt and Uncle had planned, we just had some appetizers and then split a couple of cheese enchiladas…just to give the kids a taste of what was to come.  It was as delicious as I always remember it being.  Once the kids were fed and happy (and ok, me too), we headed over to Bobby’s house.  That night, my 2/3 of my cousins came by: Rob & Cheli with their daughters Elizabeth & Sarah, and Julie & Matt and their two, Kate & Caroline, and the house got pretty loud…but we all had a great time, and I really didn’t want the night to end.  Julie got a great picture of all the girls together….all of Harvey & Dodie Wuest’s great-granddaughters…