underground and up in the air

This morning we had to get up sort of early, despite the late night, because we had an appointment for a cave tour at Natural Bridge Caverns.  We like to do a cave or cavern tour each year on vacation, but this one was a bit unique.  It is the first cavern we’ve ever visited where we were related to the land owners.  IMG_8833The Cavern sits on Wuest property…not any immediate family, probably something like a fourth or fifth cousin, but it was cool to see and hear mom’s name (and even pronounced correctly) all over the place.  The views in the cavern were also pretty spectacular:

Then we did the the canopy challenge, which consisted of two zip lines and then 30 minutes on an amazing 60 foot high tower full of crazy challenges like tightrope walking and a variety of planks that were positioned precariously from one corner of the tower to another.  (The video below comes directly from their website.  The first part shows the “kids canopy course”.  Skip ahead to about a minute in.

It was absolutely intense!  I found my biceps in a fairly constant state of flex as I held tight to the tether that I was attached to.  I started with what I thought would be an easy one – it was about the width of a balance beam.  What I didn’t expect is how wobbly it would be in the middle. And at the top, it was pretty windy, but i did manage to walk across a tightrope at 60 feet, and it was pretty exhilarating.  Kelli was terrified, but she persevered and did make it to the top, and by the end, she’d had a really great time and was glad we’d done it.  Sophie was the real monkey.  She was all over that tower, traversing each obstacle as if it were no big deal.  We barely saw her the whole time.

After that, we got to spend the whole rest of the day with my cousins Phil & Leyla and their children Ryder & Grant.  Swimming, snacks, and then dinner at El Ranchito (YUM!) followed by Root Beer or Big Red Floats back at Uncle Bobby’s house.  Later that night, Bobby & Susan returned from their evening in San Antonio.  Once again, I stayed up way too late chatting long into the wee hours of the night.