Goodbye Seguin, Hello Houston!

Sadly, our time in Seguin had to come to an end.  The girls were as sad as I was.  They so enjoyed meeting their cousins and spending time with Uncle Bobby & Aunt Susan.  As promised, Bobby took all three girls to the nearest Pic-N-Pac (That’s the brand of convenience stores that my grandfather started many years back…and it seems they need a website.  Maybe I’ll do that….) to buy candy.  Then he drove them around Seguin for long enough that they could eat nearly all of their candy.  When he brought them back to the house, they were bouncing off the walls…..and of course, we were supposed to be shoving them in a car and heading east.  I think *maybe* Bobby was trying to sabotage our travels away from Seguin.  He told me next year that I should send the girls down for a week.   Upon seeing the pout on my face, he said “well, you can come too…”  Since we never made it to the Alamo (oops, we forgot the Alamo…if ONLY there was some saying that would have helped us to remember the Alamo….), it looks like we’ll just have to come back next year.  IMG_8915Before leaving Seguin entirely, we took a trip out to the Pecan Bottom, which is a gorgeous plot of land that my aforementioned grandfather, Harvey, had purchased many years ago.  The Guadalupe River flows along side the property, and there are more Pecan trees that I could count.  I love that place.  Then I asked Bobby & Susan if I could take them to lunch.  So it was Ranchito for the third and final time of the trip.  I’m gonna be doing a lot of running,biking,swimming & kicking to burn off this vacation!  I managed to be sneaky and by the time Bobby asked for the check, it had already been taken care of.
My mom would be so proud of me.  Bobby always expects my mom to try, but he didn’t see it coming from his sweet little Cindy-Sue.  We parted ways outside the restaurant, and I’m fairly certain that Bobby went home to take a nap.  On our way out of town, we had to stop by the giant pecan to take some pictures, and then on to Starcke Park for a quick loop.  By then, the sugar crash had occurred and we had a peaceful trip to Houston.

In Houston we were able to get more family time, this time with my Dad’s sister/my Aunt, Maxine and her daughter, Susan.  We met for dinner at a seafood restaurant that is about halfway between the hotel we had for the night and Aunt Maxine’s house.  We were actually all pretty happy to have something that wasn’t Tex-Mex for a change.  Aunt Maxine looked exactly like I remembered her.  I don’t think I’ve seen her since David and I got married.  And I haven’t seen Susan in even longer, and she is even more beautiful than I remember.  When I was a kid, I used to hope I would grow up to look like her.  Tall, blonde, long-legs, and ALWAYS a smile on her face.  I’d wished we’d had more time together.  I look at it as one more reason we MUST come back!

IMG_8946 IMG_8949