Galveston…Gaido’s…Gulf…need I say more?

If you recall from our last episode, as we left Johnson, tragedy had just struck….Sophie was distraught about losing her NASA souvenirs, and I was heartbroken for her, but we drove….and I silently hoped that Galveston would heal all wounds.  It was about 2:00pm, and  we were hungry, so we decided to go to Gaido’s first.  Quite honestly, Dave and I had somewhat had it by this time, and we wanted….no, needed, to get some control back.  So we informed the kids in advance that we would be ordering for them, and they were going to just eat and enjoy.  I can’t describe how great the experience was from beginning to end…..Our waiter was friendly, attentive, informative, charming….exactly what a server should be.  Never did we have to ask for a thing, he anticipated everything.  Then there was the food…..If I had died in the Ocean, I’d have had no regrets.  We had fresh shrimp, scallops, Red Snapper, lump crab meat, Mahi Mahi….all of which had been caught that day, I’m certain.  I think I almost cried it was so good.  And the kids were good too.  They must have known mommy & daddy’s nerves were just about shot.  I think the bottle of wine Dave and I split also helped.

Then came some real fun….we changed in the bathroom of Gaido’s, walked across the street, and went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.  It was the first time Sophie & Daphne had been in an ocean.  They LOVED the waves.  We all did, really.  And I think we could have stayed there all night, and the whole next day and still not want to leave.  Somehow body-surfing the waves…waiting for a big one to wipe you out, swimming as far out as you feel safe, and then riding a wave in…all of that never gets old.  As the sun sagged in the sky, however, Dave and I knew we had to start herding the kids back to the beach.  We picked up shells for a while, and then had to hit the road.  We still had a 2 hour drive into Louisiana to make before the night’s end.  We did decide to take the Ferry across though, and after a mere 10 minute wait, we were onboard and floating across the water from Galveston to Port Bolivar.  It was a beautiful way to spend a sunset.

We stopped on the other side to change out of our swimsuits into dry clothes, and not long after that, the kids were all zonked out in the car.  The trauma of the day was long forgotten, and only the fun remained.  Everyone was happy.  My only regret is that we crossed into Louisiana in the dark, with sleeping children, so we couldn’t get a picture with the sign.  But we did get a few other good images: