northward bound

The time had now come to turn the car back toward the north.  It was Kelli’s rotation to the far back, and though she was initially annoyed, she found a way to make the arrangement work for her.

Shreveport was about the halfway point in our drive for the day, and there was a fun-looking science center there called “Sci-port”  Right out front, they had a human sundial.  We checked the time with Sophie on the way in, and Daphne on the way out.  The floor piano just inside the entrance was a lot of fun, and attracted the kids immediately.

We had a great time there learning about a wide variety of the sciences.  One of the things that I thought was really cool about this place was the planetarium room, and we all got to see what the sky looked like the night we were born and what zodiac sign our sun & moon were really in and what constellations were up and hear about what it all means.  There was also a variety of information on each planet, including what your weight would be, & how old you would be on that planet.  I was pretty excited that on Mars I would be 19 years old and weigh about 66 pounds!  Daphne’s favourite part was in the kids construction area…she really enjoyed figuring out how to connect a circuit to turn on a light.  Sophie liked the air-powered chair that would lift her up off the ground.  David liked that his vertical jump is two inches higher than mine…(OK, he’s allowed to have a win every now and again).  Kelli, on the other hand, was not successful in beating me…at least, not in the strength category, but she did enjoy that whole area that dealt with the body, not just strength, but reaction speed, balance, and of course, the aforementioned vertical jump:

We were smart enough this time to go to the gift shop at the VERY END of our visit.  Then it was time to get back on the road and continue north.  About an hour later, we crossed into Arkansas.  That night we landed in Hot Springs, and ate at a fabulous restaurant called “Grampa’s Catfish House”.  It was deliciously good food.  We finished in time to spend a bit of time in the pool at our motel.  Thanks to Daphne and a game of Marco Polo, we made some new friends for the evening.  Another great day on our vacation.