Sturmtrek: 2014 Edition!

It’s that time of year again!  Time for us to grab the kids, pack up our most important stuff, uproot our lives, spend WAY too much money on stuff we probably don’t need, and have LOTS of fun “Family Togetherness” and hope to come home with the same number of children we left with.  This is also known as family vacation time…and you can follow along here on my blog.  You can also keep tabs on us via social media.  Most people know how easily trackable I am.  Pretty much everything feeds onto Facebook, so that might be your best one stop shop.  I pretty much check in everywhere I go, and those checkins show up on my twitter feed, or follow me on Instagram to see pictures, and check out videos on my Youtube channel.

This year our family vacation takes us further away from Lawrence than we’ve ever been all together.  As I write this, I have just finished up nearly a week of being in Providence for my NCECA Board meeting.  It’s always a wonderful experience to spend time with my fellow board members, many of whom feel like family members.  Somehow, this year, every thing fell into place so perfectly with my board meeting schedule, the kids school schedule and our dance performances, that we realized it makes sense to use my meeting here in Providence as the jumping off point for our vacation.  So while I sit here at the Amtrak station, waiting for the train to Boston, my family is in the air, flying from KC to meet me there.  I’ll arrive in Boston at about 5:30, hop the silver line up to Logan airport in time to catch their plane which arrives at 6:30.  Reunited, we’ll make the trek up to beautiful Revere, MA to enjoy the oldest public beach in the country.  We’ll wander around, enjoy the beautiful shoreline, and eat some delicious seafood at a restaurant right there on the beach (currently we’re planning on Antonia’s at the Beach, but it might change if something else looks awesomer).  Tomorrow morning, we’ll be heading back into Boston Proper and walking the Freedom Trail.  I think there’s also some Lobster eating in the plans, perhaps a show at the Tea Party Museum, and some early afternoon chocolate from Captain Jackson’s Colonial Chocolate Shop.  We also hope to hook up with good friend Steve Branfman and his wife Ellen (and their dog, Bruno) out in Needham Heights for the evening, possibly with a stop by Harvard University on the way.

Monday morning, bright and early, the whole family will hop on the Amtrak headed to NYC!  Stay tuned to see what we have in store there!