it’s a wonderful town, the bronx is up and the battery’s down…

Monday was a very successful vacation day.  We successfully got up early enough to make our amtrak train out of Boston and we arrived in NYC a little before 11am.  We successfully figured out the subway, and by noon, we were in the Village where we are staying.  (We used AirBnB to find a local host.)  The apartment is on the 5th floor (walk up), which was a challenge with luggage and weakling children, but we made it up, got changed and hit the streets.  One of the things on Daphne’s NYC list was to eat at a real New York Deli, so we walked South toward SOHO to get lunch at Katz’s Delicatessen.  I had researched some NYC delis and this one is where they shot the scene in “When Harry Met Sally,” and it seems to be a pretty iconic New York place aside from that.  So, we walked in and got yelled at.  OK, I know, that’s part of the schtick, but it totally bamboozled me.  One line for the grill, one for sandwiches…great, i get that, but I don’t know how to classify what I want.  Matzoh Ball Soup isn’t grilled nor is it a sandwich!!!????  So I did the chicken midwest thing.  I bolted.   IMG_4386Then we found Allen Street Deli just around the corner.  It had great ratings on Yelp, so we settled in there and ordered a pastrami, a salami and a NY Sub sandwich, a couple small bags of chips, 2 waters and an apple for Daphne.  The food was delicious and the best part?  It cost $30 TOTAL.  I don’t know that I could feed the 5 of us for $30 in KANSAS!  Happy Cindy.


We Rated Allen Street Deli 4 Sturm Storms Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.30.06 PM

From there, we decided to walk to Battery park and meander through China Town on our way to our Statue of Liberty Cruise.  We walked along Sara Roosevelt Park, which was beautiful.  The Statue of Liberty cruise was PACKED.  We had reserve tickets, but still had to wait in line for nearly an hour before getting on the boat.  We were also sad to see that the last Pedestal access is 3:30…not an awesome thing to realize when you’re standing in line at 3:20.  No way would we make it to Liberty Island before that.  (cue the sad music)  BUT, the Ferry ride over was lovely.  Great views of NYC, and Lady Liberty, plus, we were on a boat!   That’s always awesome.  I tried to recreate a picture that Dr. Anderson had taken of me when I was a junior in high school and came to New York.  When I get home, it will be fun to find that pic and compare shots.  The one from high school had the twin towers in the background.

When we got to the island, there was a clear sign for pedestal and crown access ticket holders.  I said to David “Hey, why don’t we try and see what happens…?  Worst they can do is say no, but if we don’t ask, they can’t say yes, right?”  THEY SAID YES!  Actually, we didn’t really even have to ask at all, so we entered the museum section and learned about the building of the statue first.  Then we climbed 195 stairs and went out on the pedestal.  Got some more great pics (note the one inappropriate/irreverent one of me….):

We managed to sweet-talk our way to the front of the line for the second to last boat to Ellis Island, and then upon our return to Battery Park, we walked to the 9/11 Memorial.  I have no words for this.




Our tired feet encouraged us to catch a cab up to spring street to go to Lombardi’s Pizza for dinner.  Shockingly, it was less than the cost of the subway.  Anyway, Lombardi’s was interesting.  It’s cash only, like a lot of things here in NYC.  I don’t understand that at all.  I hate carrying cash.  I rarely have more than $20 in my wallet.  On the other hand, the reduced amount of cash in the wallet meant a cheaper dinner tab.  We all split their famous margherita pizza, the 18″ with tax and tip was $35.00  Again, not bad for 5 of us.  Our resident pizza lover, Sophie, was unimpressed, and I have to add a me too.  It wasn’t bad.  I mean heck, it was pizza, but it wasn’t really what I think of when i think of “New York Pizza”.   Dave, on the other hand, LOVED it.  Ultimately, I think it’s nice to have experienced one of the oldest pizzas in NYC though.

  We gave Lombardi’s 2 1/4 Sturm StormsScreen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.39.47 AM

Took the Subway back to the village and settled the kids in, then Dave and I went out in search of much needed wine and beer.  Found a great wine store on St. Marks Place, and managed to slip in just before they closed.  Got a couple of nice local wines.  More importantly, we found out where to get a really good slice of cheesecake. We also got a cannoli and took them home to share withe the kids.  It was a nice end to the day.