I recall, Central Park (not in fall and no torn dresses though…)

So, after the Museum, we had to have the New York Hot Dog from a street vendor experience.  So we all ordered our hot dogs, split some drinks and sat at the edge of central park and, well, scarfed…I can’t recall the last time I had a hot dog.  And this was a pretty good one, or maybe it was just a New York one.  Anyway, it was tasty.

We gave the NYC Hot Dog Vendor 4 1/2 storms

Then we just took some time to wander through Central Park.  We found “David’s Bridge” (actually Bow Bridge), which is important to him because a scene from Highlander was shot there.  To me, it’s the penultimate scene of every great Rom-Com set in NYC.   I have to say, that I kept expecting to see Potter Lake on the KU Campus with its bridge suddenly appear around the next bend.  It really would fit right in….actually, it would fit in about 50 times.  Central Park is SO big!  I don’t think I could ever live in New York City, but if I did, I would explore every inch of that park.  We loved the Alice in wonderland Sculpture.  It’s both beautiful and inviting.  We also meandered past the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but didn’t go in (as I mentioned previously), after which we continued to explore the park (which surrounds the museum on three sides).  Belvedere Castle and Turtle lake seemed to appear out of nowhere and were BEAUTIFUL, especially the view from the top.  The girls all enjoyed sitting and watching the bubble guy for a while too.