Leaving New York, never easy

Wednesday morning came too soon, and it was time to leave New York, but first, a stop in Chelsea at the Doughnut Plant was in order…Once again, I had done some research – I actually had been looking for a place to get a good new york bagel, but somehow I stumbled into this place and I’m so glad I did.  You gotta read about all their offerings on their website, and let me tell you, these doughnuts taste even better than they look.  We got several different kinds and we all shared.  I *really* loved the peanut butter and jam doughnut.  The blackout was also pretty incredible.   Sorry I didn’t get pictures of the doughnuts we had, but they were so delicious, that if I’d reached for my phone to take a pic, they’d have been gone before I’d accessed the camera on the lock screen  AND then I wouldn’t have gotten any pictures OR doughnuts!  The decor in the place is pretty awesome too.  It’s hip and trendy without being overdone or forced…it’s just cool.  After our delicious breakfast, we set out to Penn Station.  It was a short walk terminating at Madison Square Garden, which Sophie had been wanting to see.  Happy Endings are awesome!

Needless to say, Doughnut Plant gets 5 storms.Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.55.15 PM