They say the Neon Lights are bright….

Broadway, 42nd Street, Times Square…an amazing way to end our last day in New York. We all got dressed upfancy for Newsies because….well, why not? It’s fun to get dressed up to go to the theatre. (OK, I just think it’s fun to dress up…any excuse, right?)  In case you don’t already know the story, when we were planning our trip to New York, we all knew we wanted to see a Broadway show.  The problem was, we couldn’t decide which one.  2 of us wanted Lion King, 2 of us wanted Wicked, and one kept flipping back and forth.  Also, each camp was particularly unimpressed by the opposite show.  Dave was ABSOLUTELY against splitting up and going to different theatres.  So we decided to scrap Lion King AND Wicked and pick out something else.  We went to the broadway site and started looking at preview clips of shows.  We got to Newsies and ALL of us responded with “that could be cool!”  So I looked into tickets for that and found we could get better tickets for less.  Done deal.  We got absolutely FANTASTIC seats.  The dancing by the nearly all male cast was outstanding, the singing powerful, the stage, sets & lighting were super cool.  Really, overall, the show was absolutely phenomenal, and although we don’t *usually* rate non-food experiences, we all decided unanimously that if we were to rate Newsies, it would get ALL the storms.

After the show, we of course, had to experience Times Square.  I thoroughly enjoyed the vibrancy and the life down there.  THAT is the part of New York that is enticing to me.  Broadway, Times Square, & Central Park….if only I could transport those parts of New York City into Lawrence.  🙂