Oh say, can you see?

I’m guessing that most of the people following my blog know where the Star Spangled Banner was written.  (ON PARCHMENT PAPER!)  Yeah, I know, bad joke.  My apologies.  Of course, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem (which was set to music by John Stafford Smith) after witnessing the 28 hour battle of Ft. McHenry during the war of 1812.  Ft. McHenry, of course, is just off the coast of Batlimore.  Two-Fifths of us were very excited to be going to see that today.  The other three-fifths were appeased by spending the morning at the Baltimore Science Center and the afternoon at the National Aquarium.

The Science center was great.  Even more great is the fact that 4 of us got in free thanks to our ASTC Reciprocal membership at the KU Natural History Museum.  There were a lot of exhibits covering every subcategory of science.  Dinosaurs and space continue to be my favorites.  I think we all could have stayed there just about all day, returning to exhibits for more in depth exploration.  Motivated by hunger, however, we wandered out to the Inner Harbor to find a place for lunch.  Dave had been having fun with a restaurant called the Rusty Scupper (always proclaimed in a pirate-y accent), and I asked him if he wanted to go there.  He hemmed and hawed for a bit, but eventually admitted that yes, he did want to go there.  BEST.CHOICE.EVER.  We had soft shell crab for the first time ever.  I’m in love.

Next was the aforementioned Fort, followed by the National Aquarium.   I think that place, next to the broadway show, was the most wholly enjoyed part of the vacation thus far.  Sophie fell in love with Cordelia, the Octopus, and then there were DOLPHINS.  Kelli enjoyed the Jellyfish exhibit.  We ate dinner at the Bubba Gump shrimp company, though all three kids, thoroughly OVER seafood found some MEAT on the menu.  Dave and I had more crab and were happy.

Next stop, Washington DC!