When the moon hits your eye…

Upon returning back to our apartment in the village from our day uptown, we decided to snag some food BEFORE changing and heading off to the theatre,  rather than change fast, and head uptown and eat in the Theatre district.  Feeling a bit like we’d let Sophie down, we decided to take another shot at […]

I recall, Central Park (not in fall and no torn dresses though…)

So, after the Museum, we had to have the New York Hot Dog from a street vendor experience.  So we all ordered our hot dogs, split some drinks and sat at the edge of central park and, well, scarfed…I can’t recall the last time I had a hot dog.  And this was a pretty good […]

Morning at the Museum

Perhaps not quite as exciting as a *night* at the museum…but we still found a little adventure at the American Museum of Natural History.  Daphne loved seeing the dinosaurs (as did I), Sophie enjoyed the butterfly exhibit.  Dave liked the full size Blue Whale reproduction  in the deep sea room.  My favorite part was that […]

it’s a wonderful town, the bronx is up and the battery’s down…

Monday was a very successful vacation day.  We successfully got up early enough to make our amtrak train out of Boston and we arrived in NYC a little before 11am.  We successfully figured out the subway, and by noon, we were in the Village where we are staying.  (We used AirBnB to find a local […]

Please come to Boston for the Springtime…..

Our first full day of SturmTrek 2014 was spent in Boston.  The hotel shuttle took us up to the T station by the airport and we hopped the Blue line (first subway ride ever for the kids!)  to the aquarium stop where we proceeded to follow the Freedom Trail….well, I use the term “follow” very […]

Antonia’s at the Beach

OK, this place absolutely get’s it’s whole own post.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC!  Revere Beach was really pretty, but it was already dusk when we got there, and overcast/drizzly, so we didn’t really get to do our full plan of wandering along the beach, but Antonia’s MORE than made up for that.  Our waiter, John, […]