Tri, Tri again?

My first triathlon….I chose the Olympic Distance, a “5150”, which is becoming the hottest trend in triathlons.  Also referred to as an international distance, it is measured in kilometers and the total distance gives it its name.  The event consists of a 1.5 kilometer swim (.93 mile), a 40 kilometer bike (25 miles), and a […]

A Home Run!

On Memorial day, Daphne, Sophie and I all participated in the first annual Lawrence Home Run to benefit the Lawrence Community Shelter and Lawrence Family Promise.  It was cloudy and overcast that morning, but upon checking the weather, we weren’t supposed to get rain until after 1pm.  However, it seems that the weather channel did […]

a healthy heartfelt valentine….

I’ve made a few batches of these “breakfast cookies” now, and I thought I’d share my recipe.  Even my kids don’t know they’re “healthy,” They used to LOVE the quaker oatmeal “breakfast cookies”.  When I found a recipe for a similar but homemade option on pinterest, I gave it a shot.  My husband SWEARS they […]

Egg McMuffin…you have been replaced!

While cruising pinterest, I found a recipe I wanted to try (I know, surprise!) for a breakfast “muffin”(Original article/recipe here).  Basically, it’s a delicious egg-white omelet made into the perfect hand-held breakfast or anytime snack.  For this batch, I tossed some chopped up mushrooms, red pepper, and green onion and two morningstar farms hot & […]

Balancing Boxing with Ballet

I love going to Title to feel fierce.  But it’s also nice to feel graceful and beautiful too.  So for that, I take ballet at the Lawrence Arts Center.  I took Ballet as a child at the Lawrence School of Ballet and loved it.  Sometime in Junior High, I discovered boys.  Well, I’m sure I […]

Happy Anniversary to me….not the diamond ring kind, the BOXING ring!

January 12 marked the one year anniversary of my first visit to Title Boxing Club in Lawrence.  I had driven by the place a few times and always thought it would be interesting to try.  So, when it was so icy outside (it was that ONE cold snap we had last year) that I couldn’t […]