Oh say, can you see?

I’m guessing that most of the people following my blog know where the Star Spangled Banner was written.  (ON PARCHMENT PAPER!)  Yeah, I know, bad joke.  My apologies.  Of course, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem (which was set to music by John Stafford Smith) after witnessing the 28 hour battle of Ft. McHenry during […]

It’s Raining in Baltimore

We arrived in Baltimore to rain and clouds, but we didn’t let it stop our parade.  Our hotel was really cool….it’s actually an old bank building.  Upon arrival, Daphne went in to the bathroom, and then came right back out, declaring that the door wouldn’t close.  Not knowing she had pushed in the lock button, […]


We arrived in Philly around 11, got settled in to the apartment we were staying at (across the street from the Rodin museum!) and headed to the historic district, arriving just in time to get absolutely drenched.  We went on our duck tour anyway (thank you, Groupon) and had a fabulous time.  Our guide was […]

They say the Neon Lights are bright….

Broadway, 42nd Street, Times Square…an amazing way to end our last day in New York. We all got dressed upfancy for Newsies because….well, why not? It’s fun to get dressed up to go to the theatre. (OK, I just think it’s fun to dress up…any excuse, right?)  In case you don’t already know the story, […]

When the moon hits your eye…

Upon returning back to our apartment in the village from our day uptown, we decided to snag some food BEFORE changing and heading off to the theatre,  rather than change fast, and head uptown and eat in the Theatre district.  Feeling a bit like we’d let Sophie down, we decided to take another shot at […]

I recall, Central Park (not in fall and no torn dresses though…)

So, after the Museum, we had to have the New York Hot Dog from a street vendor experience.  So we all ordered our hot dogs, split some drinks and sat at the edge of central park and, well, scarfed…I can’t recall the last time I had a hot dog.  And this was a pretty good […]