Tri, Tri again?

My first triathlon….I chose the Olympic Distance, a “5150”, which is becoming the hottest trend in triathlons.  Also referred to as an international distance, it is measured in kilometers and the total distance gives it its name.  The event consists of a 1.5 kilometer swim (.93 mile), a 40 kilometer bike (25 miles), and a […]

A Home Run!

On Memorial day, Daphne, Sophie and I all participated in the first annual Lawrence Home Run to benefit the Lawrence Community Shelter and Lawrence Family Promise.  It was cloudy and overcast that morning, but upon checking the weather, we weren’t supposed to get rain until after 1pm.  However, it seems that the weather channel did […]

Proud Mama – Daphne’s first 5K, and first medal!

On Thursday, we all participated in the annual Thanksgiving Day 5K.  Daphne and I ran, David & Sophie walked and Mom & Missy cheered.  The weather was beautiful that morning, and the nearly 1200 runners that showed up were proof!  As one of the faster runners on the field, I started toward the beginning. […]

not just a runner, but a DISTANCE runner….(how I became a runner part 5)

At the beginning of 2012, I decided to look beyond 5K races.  I had talked about doing a 10K several times in the past, and in April, Lawrence would host the Kansas Half Marathon/10K/5K.  I decided to do the 10K.  Then I looked at the website and noticed that people doing the half marathon would […]

Finding the right inspiration…(how i became a runner part 4)

2011 was a big year for my running.  Firstly, I quit smoking once and for all on New Years Day.  That had a big impact…initially it was a negative one, actually, but paid off in the long run.  I’d quit so many times before, for a variety of reasons, and it had never really worked. […]

it’s the shoes…. (how I became a runner part 3)

In January of 2010, I faced a pretty major challenge.  My business partnership, which had been struggling for a couple of months, finally came to an end, and I found myself alone in managing the Mac store.  I was fortunate to have a really good, well-trained staff, AND a husband who was more than happy […]